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September 14, 2017

Mixed pictures from Pinterest

Welcome back at my blog! I moved to Amsterdam.. Yeaaaayyyy!!!! I’ve a room right now, but still I’m looking for a studio or apartment in Amsterdam. So if you know someone or something?

Thanks for all the people who helps me out, to find a place in Amsterdam, to tagged me in messages at Facebook, . I had a busy time! Searching for a new job, because I finished my intern at Manon Meijers Styling. Now I’m working at Pluk Amsterdam (9 straatjes) and I really like it, also the food hahaha. You should visit Pluk Amsterdam!

It’s raining the whole week and so windy. I don’t like this weather.. We can’t really whine.. IRMA is even worse. I can’t imagine that some islands are so destroyed. The weather in the Netherlands is too bad this summer.. My little collage Rainy_Windy. I hope that I can shoot more photo’s with my camera this months and post it on my blog.

Nice evening lovely people! X Char

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July 28, 2017

Mixed pictures from Pinterest

guyysss, my biggest dream…. Traveling and working together. I want to explore the whole world! Everytime I see beautiful pictures from this (moodboard), I really want vacation. It’s a big dream of me, and I’ll make really nice pictures from all my trips to share with you guys. I really love traveling, maybe I’ll make a bucketlist and write all the beautiful earth places to visit. First: WEEKEND! haha, tomorrow we’re going to a festival in Amsterdam, really excited! Enjoy yours X Char

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July 10, 2017

Hi! How are you guys? I live my life here in Amsterdam, and I love it! A little outfit of the day in Charstyle here. Do you like this t-shirt “my oh my”? I love this store: MY OH MY // And it’s my favorite T-shirt now haha. Simple white shirt, white sneakers, pantalon with stripes and my hat in black! My hair is so long, now I see myself on the pictures, finaly my long hair back! I’m searching for more hair inspiration to do my hair in a comfortable look. Do you have some tips? Always welcome! Thanks. Enjoy your evening! X Char

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June 26, 2017




Hi There! A little inspiration ‘outfit of the day’ look! Do you like it? Let me know if you like it! How was your weekend? My weekend was very nice, ofcourse in Amsterdam. But I’m searching for a nice little job in Amsterdam, so any tips? Bring it on, or comment me, contact me 😀 Thank you very much. I hope this Monday is gonna be good for you. This weekend I’m gonna visit my parents and brother in North, long time no see.. well, there’s Facetime on this world hahahaha. Okay, enjoy this Monday everyone! X Char



June 19, 2017

GM, hi! It’s Monday now, and we have to work.. or school. But stay positive, because my best friend is shining for you today. Sun I love you! Yesterday we went on the bike in Amsterdam. That was so nice, and on every terrace we saw.. We had to drink something there. Now I have to go work at Manon Meijers Styling on this beautiful day. I hope everyone enjoy this day, and keep drinking!!! Succes! X Char

GM, hi! Het is vandaag maandag, en we moeten weer aan het werk.. of school. Maar blijf positief, want mijn beste vriend schijnt vandaag voor jou. Zon, i love you! Gisteren zijn we gaan fietsen in Amsterdam. Dat was zo leuk, en elke terras die we zagen.. We moesten daar wat gaan drinken. Op deze mooie dag moet ik gaan werken bij Manon Meijers Styling. Ik hoop dat iedereen geniet van deze dag, en blijven drinken! Succes! X Char



June 16, 2017

Yeay, Friday evening! It’s weekend! The whole weekend sun and nice weather. So what are the plans? I was free today, so I woke up early this morning and was a bit searching for a little job in Amsterdam.. a weekend job. I have my internship here in Amsterdam till September, but I hope to stay here in Amsterdam. Maikel came early, so we went to the supermarket and visited the city by bike. After our diner, we walked a bit in the area I live. I took my Canon camera with me, and I thought to make pictures for my blog.. But I realized that I got the new Apple Iphone 7+!!! And all these pictures are from the (portrait function) Iphone 7+. I don’t need my canon camera anymore hahaha, 7+ makes beautiful pictures. I hope to make more pictures tomorrow from different outfits. Enjoy your weekend everyone! X Char


Yeay, Vrijdag avond! Het is weekend! Heel het weekend zon en heerlijk weer. Dus wat zijn de plannen? Ik was vrij vandaag, dus vanochtend stond ik vroeg op en was bezig met het zoeken voor een klein bijbaantje in Amsterdam.. een weekend baantje. Ik heb mijn stage hier in Amsterdam tot September, en ik hoop hier te blijven in Amsterdam. Maikel kwam vroeg deze ochtend, dus we zijn samen boodschappen gaan doen en de stad in geweest met de fiets. Nadat we hadden gegeten, zij we gaan lopen in de buurt waar ik woon. Mijn Canon camera had ik bij me, and ik wilde foto’s maken voor mijn blog. Maar toen realiseerde ik me dat ik die nieuwe Apple Iphone 7+ heb!!! En al deze foto’s zijn van de (portret functie) Iphone 7+. Ik heb mijn Canon camera niet meer nodig hahaha, 7+ maakt super mooie foto’s! Ik hoop morgen nog meer foto’s te maken van verschillende outfits. Geniet van jullie weekend allemaal! X Char



June 15, 2017

Mixed pictures from Pinterest

Goodmorning everyone! Today the sun is my bestfriend! Fulltime today, I love it when the weather will be like this. But still we have to work today! So… I’ll drink my cup of tea and then I have something to do. Team Red today! I love this color this summer. On my graduation, I had a red dress on from Zara, I’ll make a good picture these days from my outfit. I love the color and it feels like summer inspiration for me. Also I have red nails right now hahahah. But guys, I have to go! What are you gonna do today? Jumping in the swimmingpool? Yess, good idea. Enjoy this sunny day! X Char



June 13, 2017

GUYSSS!! I’M GRADUATED! I GOT MY DIPLOMA FASHION STYLING! No homework any more, but Blog posting! Last Sunday was my graduation. A little exhibition with work from all the exams students, like me. It was a beautiful day, I still enjoy it. So… What’s next…Now I focus on my internship in Amsterdam, this is my chance to intervene in Amsterdam. I love this city already! And a big present from my parents, the “no Diploma, no ticket” is real! My mom always said that to me.. But I didn’t know she meant it.. That was a big beautiful suprise! A ticket for my next trip. I want to see the whole world:) That’s a big dream. Tomorrow I’ll make a outfit post, I think. I got no homework to do haha, and I will working on my blog. Maybe you guys can help me? What kind of post you like? I’ll try to catch some dreams. Huggs!!! X Char



May 20, 2017

Mixed pictures from Tumblr & Pinterest


Annnnnddd she’s back… with a simple post for today. Last week, my parents came back from their California trip. And now I have big more dreams for more trips! But first…. Indonesia! I’ve so much dreams, but you have to work for it. I hope we can go in January. I also want explore Bali, and Gili Islands. If you have any tips? Give me some:) or any advise about the “Do’s and Don’t s”  things, you know. I would like to stay in a little villa, with a swimming pool and a shower with natural plants around you and a veranda with a sea view. Big dreams haha. You always see some deals, like Corendon etc. for a flights and hotels in Bali. Then you only want more on vacation if you saw that haha. This summer I’m working for my intern in Amsterdam.. No vacation for me hihi. I love to travel, even though I’m a bit scare to fly sometimes.. but you have to get over there.. Actually flies are so relaxed! For long flights, you’re sitting in a big plane, and everyone has a own screen to watch movies or listen to music. It’s just like a big cinema, but everyone can see what you want! The time is going much faster, and before you know you’re already there. Yes I love traveling, who not? X Char



May 4, 2017

Hi there! How are you guys? I’m fine! Last days I was in Amsterdam again for my internship. Still I like it very much! Tomorrow it’s “Bevrijdingsdag “! Last year we went to Amsterdams Verbond, that was a really nice festival! OMG I saw some Coachella vlogs from my favorite vloggers! Vlogs and some blogs > Emitaz – Kenza  – CollageVintage and many moreeeeeeee…. Next year I want to go there too! It feels like a very cozy festival, with reaaaaally nice people. I hope that I can make it true next year ahaha. I was thinking about a new camera… maybe also a vlogcamera(??) .. Maikel is almost done with his last project, so proud of you! And I’m done in June, so tomorrow a day at school and I’ll met some friends for Lunch! Really excited. btw the collage with some favorites.. I’ll link the items for you guys, this is a little “charstyle”.. Enjoy this evening <3 X Char

Links off the items

  1. T-SHIRT | MANGO >clickhere
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  3. JEANS | ZARA >clickhere
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