November 28, 2016

Hi there! Have you ever been to Oberhausen to visit the Christmas Market? Wauw, I like it so much there! All these tiny stalls are so cute, with so many Christmas stuff and lights. There is a lot of food! fooood.. fooood hahahah. And of course you can also shop at “Centro”, which is a very big shopping mall with a lot of stores. I went with my two aunties by bus, and with everyone else on the bus we played a little game of “BINGO”! I was the lucky one, because I won a price! Hahahaha. There are so many stores, that we needed more time.. but time was up so we had to walk back to the meeting point. BUT I will visit the Christmas Market in Oberhausen again with Maikel and his family. Reallllyyyy excited!!!!!! Brrrrr… it’s still so cold here since it has frozen last night. I’m going to do my workouts now, and then I have to cook… and work…… Happy Monday!!!! X Char

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November 9, 2016

Sharing some pictures from East Gallery Berlin! Bit sorry that I didn’t took too many pictures , since I was too busy laughing and having fun. Haha. … So, maybe you’ll recognize parts of my previous trip to Berlin. As you can see on the first photo, that art is still there. We went there during our bus tour.. and we stayed for only 20 minutes to make pictures and to walk around the gallery. Time went too fast! But I’ve seen it for the second time and I’ve made some video shots… you can see it HERE now !! It’s a little vlog that I’ve made in Berlin. My MacBook has become really slow, I can’t do my homework like this…  Maybe I have to clean up my computer. Anyway, I’m really excited for this weekend… I don’t know what to do,.. . but spending some time with Maikel is always good <3 //. Are you guys going to visit a Christmas market in Germany, or somewhere else? X Char

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November 7, 2016

Wauw, time goes fast….. My weekend in Berlin! A great time again with my nieces and aunties. We went to Berlin by bus, and we departed from Amsterdam Sloterdijk on Friday morning at 06:45. After 10 hours we arrived at our hotel, called “TRYP by Wyndham” in the east of Berlin City. I shared a room with Usi en Thirz, and my aunties shared a room. It was a bit late when we arrived, and everyone was hungry.. So there was a Greek restaurant across the street, we went there to eat. On Saturday morning we had a bus tour with at 09:00! The bus tour was very nice, we saw a lot of things, and our bus driver told us so much about Berlin… He knows almost everything haha. After the bus tour we went to the Judisches Museum. It was very impressive, I have some photo’s and short video’s of it. My intention was to make a little vlog.. but I only have a few shots from Berlin, so maybe I’ll use it and make a short movie :). After the museum, it was time to eat and time to shop!!!! Ofcourse..! KaDeWe, a popular shopping center located at this street full of nice shops. I bought two jackets, one teddy jacket from Zara and one winter jacket from & Other Stories! I’m in love with it. I was very happy, ’cause I had to shop a winter jacket and I found it. We had a lot of fun with each other, I like these trips with family and going out somewhere. Next trip will be……..??? I’m excited. My next trip alone is in January to Barcelona! Then I will visit my girl Marije. But the first party is Christmas!!!!! Right now I have to prepare myself and eat something, it’s almost time for work… mweehh.. Happy Monday! X Char



October 24, 2016

Cozy Sundays, some autumn atmosphere, sunny days, no rain and visiting some friends! Yes, Maikel and I went to Leeuwarden yesterday. My neighbor girl Ciska lives there, and we spoke each other last week at Gowsi her birthday dinner. We planned to see each other this Sunday and it was a nice day. I brought my camera with me, ’cause I had some school projects to do and Ciska is always there for me to help me with my projects. The weather was pretty nice! So we went outside for some pictures and also we also took some inside her house (the photo’s will be continued, after my presentation this Friday). We played some games with the four of us, like the game 30 Seconds! It was very cozy yesterday, and we had much fun. Next week I’m going to Berlin!! Times flies.. But I’m really excited! Now I’ve got to go home, ’cause I have to work at 4pm. Blehh, no motivation right now haha. I’m thinking about Christmas, yes maybe a bit early… But who doesn’t like Christmas?????? I love the cozy days around “CHRISTMAS”. I’m always with my family. I hope this year will be succesful again! I have to go now….. Enjoy this Monday babes! X Char


NYC TIMES || 2013

October 18, 2016

Hi Guys! What brings you today? I’ve been thinking about my time in New York, when I did my internship with my girl Marije back in 2013. By the way, I booked a ticket for Barcelona to visit her!! I’m going in January 😀 The idea was to visit her next December, but the tickets are a bit cheaper for January. I’m really reallllllyyy excited for these few days at Marije her place in Barcelona. We’ve been through a lot together in New york haha. That’s why I was thinking about my time in New York. I’ve been there 3 times now, and I love NY very much. I had so much fun with Marije. I remember one of the first days, we were on a fashion event at Gansevoort. It was a really nice evening. When we went home, we walked over Time Square and made some funny vlogs haha. Our apartment was in Harlem West, at 144th street. There is a red metro line that goes to 145th street West, BUT there were more red lines and we took the wrong line hahaha. It was very late that evening, and we didn’t know the area… So the (wrong line) metro stopped on the end of destination and we left the metro.. It gave me a bad feeling when we walked on the street. It was sooooo dark and there were no people on the streets… I only saw a few people in their car, with sigarets (maybe drugs or something, haha. I can laugh about it now, but at that moment it wasn’t so funny hahahah, I was a bit scared) and they played loud music… I remember there was a square with baskets. It looked like a movie… I told Marije we had to go back, because it wasn’t feeling so good out there. But our apartment had to be around there (at least, we thought). Then I saw a plate with 145th… But it was E 145th.. E FROM EAST! Omg hahahaha! We ran back to the metro station really fast! We couldn’t believe we took the wrong red line… but okay, it was one of the first days in New York and we had stil to learn a lot in these months. Really funny.. when we talk about all these moments, we are crying with laughter. And yesss, I will finally see you in January again babe!

So.. now I’ll get myself ready to go out with my brother and my parents. Some shopping? Haha, I hear my mom say ” NOOOOO SHOPPING ” :p

Enjoy yours X Char



October 10, 2016

Brrrrr… I can’t handle this cold weather. Take me to an Island, with palms, white sand and blue sea like crystal clear water. Anyway,,, I’m sitting here behind my iMac, listening to some music. I’m really addicted to this song “Solange – Cranes in the sky“. I feel relaxed when I listen music like this. It’s a boring, cold Monday.. What are you guys doing today? Oh, you see this picture here on top^ It was made during my last trip to Berlin, when Maikel and I visited our friend Gowsi. Tomorrow it’s her BDAY! Hahaha, anyway..  I will visit Berlin again in the first weekend of November! I want to make some more pictures than I did last time, more of the city and maybe a few outfit shots for my blog :D. Next Sunday, Gowsi organizes a birthday dinner with a few friends! I’m really excited, ’cause I love food ahahaha and cozy diner with some friends is always good. But firstly, on Friday, I have to go to school and after that I’ll be spending time with Maikel. I’m gonna cook now, and after that I’m going to search for cheap tickets to Barcelona! Any tips for cheap tickets to Barca? I wanna visit my girl Marije in December if it’s possible. I prefer to depart from Amsterdam (Schiphol Airport). If you have any tips, please give me some 😀 Thank you so much. Enjoy this Monday X CHAR



October 4, 2016

Hello babes! It’s October, and I noticed it by the weather here in the Netherlands. I don’t like the cold weather, but during autumn.. I really like some different outfits and nature photography (like all the leaves and trees etc..) I really love to wear wool sweaters and I prefer them oversized! I love all these outfits that I found on Tumblr. Some inspiration for me. I have to get ready now, at this moment I’m doing my hair and after that it’s time to have lunch with my lovely ladies from work. I’m really excited, I love to eat duhh, hahahaha but it’s a long time since we were together and had lunch or something. I don’t even know what to wear… It looks hot outside, because the sun is shining as if the summer is back, but it’s very windy outside… Blehh and I have to go by bike… “Sorehead” … Okay, what are you going to do? After our lunch, I have to go to work. So, not so interesting. Have a nice day everyone! X Char



September 20, 2016

Hi Babes! I’m sitting here at home in my pink sweater, with a cup of tea… looking at my pictures from our vacation at Madeira. Missing these beautiful views and the warmth of the Island. I was doing my homework, ’cause Friday I got my first presentation! But it’s cold here, and I was searching for some inspiration, and the sd-card from my camera with all the pictures from Madeira was still in my Macbook.. So I opened this map, annnnndddd my motivation for school was gone hahahaha, no not really gone, I’m just distracted.. I’m really excited for Friday. We have to make two shopping pages for Marie Claire UK. When I’m finished, I’ll post these shopping pages on my website under “SOME STUFF“. I’ll put all my school projects there, to form a little online portfolio. So, how about your school day? X Char



September 17, 2016

YEAAAH, finally! My Travel Vlog from Madeira is online now. I hope you like it guys. If you like it, maybe I’ll make some new vlogs for the next trips. Many family and friends of mine like my website and all the posts. Thanks for all the compliments!

Shout out to my Love, thanks for always supporting me, and make some shots for my video/vlogs in Madeira
and also my girl Celine (for some camera stuff) Thank you babe! (I’ll keep telling  you, “Make your own blog” go for it)

The next trip is in November, to BERLIN (again)! I think that I’m gonna make a vlog for this trip. For now, Enjoy your Saturday night! X Char