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February 13, 2017

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One of my latest post I told you guys, to put every week a post about my inspiration. So hereeeee is a new one! Ever heard from Jenneskens? YAY or YAY? Haha If you not…. click here. I think she is a young inspiration for all of you babes! Well for me, she is. I saw her on some media/magazines, and read a lot about her. I started follow her on instagram like one year ago. I love the collections that she makes! It’s definitely my style. I wish that I may admire her collection. Once again with fashion week in New York! I also standing second times for Parsons, the New school for Design.. I remember when I told my mom that I wanted ever go back to New York, for school or internship. And I put it trough, my internship in New York was in 2013! OHMY last Saturday it was 4 years ago :(:(.. Time flies! But also for Jenneskens, she made it on the Parsons, when she was 13Y/old and said that she wanted ever go back on the school of her dreams. By the way, I’m so proud of a friend (Romy) of me, she is back from New York, she did her internship there… But she is moving in Oktober to NEW YORK! Because she got a job at the same place. That’s so amazing. I’m so happy for her. So I will end this post with positive vibes, and go for it 100000% if you really want it. Sweetdreams! X Char

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February 6, 2017

Mixed pictures from pinterest and tumblr

Hi Guys! How was your weekend? Last Friday I had a presentation. You had to choose a lifestyle brand, and make a SS17 brochure. I’d make a brochure for COS SS17, menswear basic white with a detail (like architecture). My brochure includes image rhyme. You can see here my moodboard and inspiration. I will put the brochure on my website under this category “some stuff” this weekend. I’m very curious about my review. So I’m free this evening, my girl Gowsi come visit me in a few minutes, and I have to pick Maikel from his long day school, so I have to go now hihi.. Enjoy your evening! X Char



February 4, 2017

This picture was taken in Madeira, at the Tropical Gardens. A beautiful place! I miss the summer…. It’s so cloudy, cold, and sometimes it rains all day… And it’s boring in the small city where I live.. Tonight Maikel and I are going to this new movie, called “Sleepless”. The trailer looks really good, so I hope the movie is good also. Next weekend we’re going to a party at Martiniplaza in Groningen, almost all my cousins will come over to my place, and we’re gonna party together! Really excited. Now I’m going to watch FC Barcelona on the Ipad (FC Barcelona – Athletic Bilbao). I’m a diehard fan of Fc Barcelona. Have a nice Saturday everyone! X Char

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January 29, 2017


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My Sunday Mood today, searching some inspiration on Tumblr and Pinterest. I love tumblr! It helps me with making moodboards for school and collecting ideas for the projects that I’ll be making. I think I’ll post an inspiration moodboard on my blog weekly. What do you think? I’ll add the links of all pictures that I’ve found. Today was  “homework day” for me. This Friday I’ve got a presentation again… I’m starting to realize that I’m almost graduated, still half a year to go! Time flies. Have a nice Sunday! X Char



January 27, 2017

Happy Birthday my Love! I wish you all the best, we’re gonna travel more, make memories together and working hard for the future! I’ll always be there for you! I love you babe, and enjoy YOURS!!!! I’ll see you in a couple of hours hihiihihhihiihi. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXMUCH



January 22, 2017

I’ve got many questions about this beautiful park in Barcelona. They call it “Jardins de Mossèn Costa i Llobera Gardens”. From Placa Catalunya, you can get to this beautiful park by foot in about 20 minutes. I really recommend you to visit this park when you’re in Barcelona. You’ll also see the park in the vlog that I’ve made about the days I visited Marije in Barcelona. It will be uploaded in 30minutes! X Char



January 18, 2017

AAAAAANNND SHE’S BACK… yess, since yesterday evening. My brother took me from Schiphol Airport. This picture was taken at a sushi restaurant, the same night when we also celebrated Marije her birthday and danced at her place. I’ve eaten so much at the sushi restaurant.. Later that night I had stomach ache, but since today I’m feeling much better… A little bit too late, ’cause I wasn’t feeling so well the past few days… that’s a pity… But we had a great time, we laughed, had a lot of gossip and we walked through Barcelona. I love this city so much and she stays in a nice district. Now I’m back at home in the Netherlands, and I’ve got to work this evening.. the little vlog about my 4 days in Barcelona will come soon. Enjoy yours! X Char



January 16, 2017

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE <3 Celebrating this night and this day together in Barca. 24y/old <3 X Char



January 15, 2017

Olaaa from Barcelonaaa! Yes, I’m finally here. Maikel brought me to Schiphol Airport yesterday and I arrived yesterday evening. Today it was a very sunny day in Barcelona. When the sun is shining, it feels nice and warm. We walked a lot today! We went to a small market, and visited a beautiful green park with palms, trees and a lot of cactuses! When you walk into this park, it gives you a very relaxed feeling. I think we’ve chilled in the park whole afternoon, and we’ve made lots of pictures as you can see. I’ve got some video shots too, so I can take you guys to Barcelona haha.. you’ll see it in my next vlog. We’re getting ready now for diner and some drinks. Tomorrow is Marije her birthday, so we’ll celebrate that when it’s midnight! I’m having a great time here, my dad just sent me a picture from home… and the only thing that I could see was snow… OMG:( But it doesn’t matter to me these days, since I’m here in Barca.. So I’ll be having a lot of fun these days with ma girl Marije!! Have a nice evening! X Char